Driveway Sealing in Naples, FL

The Importance of Patio, Walkway, Driveway Sealing Professionally

While there are many companies that offer this service, there are only a handful that actually do it right and end up with a finished job that looks beautiful and lasts for years. Sealing pavers is an expertise all of its own.

A paver is a stone, or a brick-like piece of concrete that is made by pouring concrete into a mold. A coloring agent is added and then allowing the form to set. Because cement is porous by nature it will absorb anything that spills or leaks on it. So it is very important to properly seal your driveway to protect it from automobile oils, tire marks, fertilizers or any other potential stain that can destroy the beauty of the pavers. This will insure that your pavers retain there lustrous look for years to come.

Steps To Properly Seal Your Driveway, Walk, Pool & Patio

  • The area to be treated is inspected by a trained expert
  •  A water test is used to determine the what kind of sub layer you have
  • Then we measure the saturation and insure it is at an acceptable level
  • If stains are present, we remove them by hand
  • Next, we apply our No Pressure Cleaning Solution which results in an area that is clean and free of mold and bacteria

The Improper Way To Seal Your Pavers

Remember, the least inexpensive sealing job is the most expensive one you will ever get, and as a result it will end up costing you more in the long run. Let us illustrate this with an example. You will hear a neighbor say, ” I just had my driveway or pool deck sealed for only $500 and it looks beautiful! Yes it does, for now.

But in a few months that same drive will start to fade, appear cloudy, crack, and lose all of its original luster. Why? Because they had some handyman come by, pressure clean the area, and apply a ” Thompsons” type annual sealer or the equivalent without doing the proper preparation using a subpar sealer.

Not All Areas Can Be Sealed

This is because of what we call Hydrostatic pressure, or what’s commonly referred to as water pressure coming from under the ground. Living in Florida, our ground is mostly sand, and before your pavers are put into place they added some crushed gravel, tamped it down, and laid your pavers down. So in the summer, when we have torrential rains, the water pressure builds up and pushes its way to the surface.

If you apply a cheap inexpensive sealer, it does not penetrate the brick but rather lays on top like a film. So when the water pressure builds up it gets trapped under your sealer, pushes it off the paver, and you get white spots, cloudy areas.

It Is Very Costly To Correct Shoddy Workmanship

  • White spots or cloudiness on your pavers must be stripped by hand
  • The average cost to strip off old sealer can cost around $3,000 just to fix the mistake

After we have applied our No Pressure Solution, we wait 2 days until the area has completely dried. Then we use a special designed commercial grade sealer used exclusively for pavers. This sealer is not found at your local do-it-yourself store that a handy man would typically use. There are three types of finishes available:

  1. Glossy
  2. Semi-gloss
  3. Matte finish

Of course, the finish you choose is entirely up to you and what is best suited for your esthetic. In a matter of hours you will be allowed to enjoy your new space. However, with the following caveats for the following 3 days:

  • No heavy furniture
  • No heavy traffic

This insures the proper curing of the sealer an there are NO exceptions to this process!

Conroy Guarantee

After we have completed the job, you get a full three year guarantee with us. That’s right, three years against any discoloration, clouding, or other problems resulting from your sealer application. Compare that to what other companies offer for a guarantee. You can’t. Why? Because most don’t offer guarantees, and the ones that do will offer you six months to a year at most!

Don’t make an expensive choice and opt for an unqualified handyman. Do yourself a huge favor and use only highly trained professionals to properly seal your pavers. No other company can compete with our outstanding service, our strict quality control measures, knowledge base, and our everyday low prices. Call Us now at 239-249-5290 or request a FREE estimate online. We service South West Florida and following cities: Naples, Everglades, Bonita Springs, Marco Island & Estero, FL