NO Pressure Pool Deck Cleaning

No Rinse Pool Deck Cleaning Naples, Bonita, Marco, and Estero, FL

At CPS we specialize in pool deck cleaning of any type of pool deck surface. If you are like most people, you are used to seeing someone clean your pool deck by dragging in a pressure cleaner and blasting away at your decking.

Avoid Pool Deck Pressure Cleaning

Pressure cleaning is the most damaging thing you can do to your deck regardless of what type of deck you have. If you have a cement deck that is painted, please realize that the paint has a protective coating to it that helps to keep the color fresh and new. When it’s pressure cleaned, they are blasting away with a force of 4000lbs of pressure! Your deck will look clean, but what you don’t see is the protective finish of your paint or sealer has just been completely removed. That’s why every time you have it pressure cleaned, the mold and mildew comes back faster and faster. Not to mention all the fading effects it has on the finish.

If you have pavers or bricks for your pool deck, these pavers sit on a crushed bed of sand and lime rock. In between the pavers is a fine sand that was put there to stabilize the pavers and keep them from shifting or moving. When you blast away at it with 4000 lbs of pressure, they are forcing water under the paver surface to the bed, and blowing all of the stabilizing sand out of the cracks! Ever wonder why after your deck has been cleaned there are dirt and grit all over everything? That’s not the mold, that’s all of your base and stabilizing sand being washed away. Not good. Ever!

No Pressure Pool Deck Cleaning Procedure

At CPS, we always clean your pool deck with our NO-pressure system. Your deck is lightly and gently sprayed with our patented cleaning solution. Once we are done, your deck is sparkling clean and looks great again. No stabilizing sand had been removed, and the bed your pavers sit on has not been disturbed. If your deck is painted, the finish is undisturbed and remains intact. Not only that, but our lightly sprayed on solution has a special ingredient in it that will keep your deck clean for years to come. Our no pressure cleaning system lasts 4 times as long as any pressure cleaning and with absolutely no damage to your surface. And best of all your nice pool water won’t be filled with sand and debris caused by pressure cleaning.

Once we are through with the application, your deck is sparkling clean and your pool water is as clean as before we started. There is only one way to clean your pool deck, our way. Once you have had us clean your pool deck, you will never use another method again, and that’s a guarantee. If you want your pool deck cleaned right the first time around call Conroy Property Services at 239-249-5290 or you can also make an appointment online for a free estimate now.