NO Pressure Screen Enclosure Cleaning

No Rinse Screen Cleaning in Naples, Bonita, Marco & Estero, FL

Is your pool enclosure screen cage dirty, moldy and just looking bad overall? Is the frame so dirty you can hardly see the metal white frame of your enclosure? Are your screens green with mold and mildew stains? Your patio and pool area is one of the most highlighted areas of your home, and where you spend much of your time. Let us clean your enclosure and screening. And we will return it to that sparkling clean screen you once remembered.

How do we do it? The safest and most effective way possible, with NO Pressure! That’s right, no pressure.

  • We apply no pressure application that melts away the dirt, grime, mold and mildew. This makes your enclosure sparkle again. It will look brand new!
  • Our no pressure application is the safest way to clean your enclosure and screens available today. Don’t be talked into having your screens or cage pressure cleaned.fno

Screen Repair

When we first come out to your location we will do an inspection of your screens and look for tears or holes. This is a very important step to stop small holes becoming larger ones. Especially in Florida during hurricane season when winds speeds tend to increase. And it doesn’t take a huge gust of wind to turn a small tear into a gaping hole. Then it becomes too big and your only option is to replace the whole screen.

We want to prevent this from happening so hence an inspection. Plus with even the tiniest holes insects can find their way in and wreck havoc on a peaceful evening. Especially those annoying “No-See-Ums” and it goes without saying no one wants mosquitoes to dive bombing you or your guests.

So we have a special set of tools that can help us repair your screens. No, we are not going to put a huge piece of duct tape over the hole, it’s a temporary fix but not the ideal solution.

Reasons Not To Use High Pressure To Clean your Screens

  • Pressure cleaning is the absolute worst method possible for cleaning these areas. Why? Pressure cleaners use high pressure high volume sprayers of 4000lbs per square inch!!
  • Your pool enclosures are powder coated metal. This pressure literally blasts off all of the protective coatings, and at the same time destroys the powder coat paint underneath.

So now you have a metal frame that has literally had most of the color and coating blasted off of it. Not good. And screens? Have you ever seen screens after they’ve been pressure cleaned? You can see the zigs and zags left by the pressure tearing into the screening. Those white marks you see are where the protective plastic coating has been torn away and exposed the fiberglass underlay.

Pressure cleaning is how most homeowner’s screens come loose in the first place. They are designed for the wind, not for 4000 lbs of water pressure blasting away at them. At CPS, our application is light, gentle, and the most efficient and effective cleaning method there is. Once you have had your pool/ patio enclosure cleaned using our system, you will never use another.

Reliable & Dependable in SWF

Using our method is the safest, longest lasting and the best value on the market. Unbeatable savings! Plus, we are highly dependable and have been in business since 1986 and have done hundreds of screen cleaning and repairs. We have the experience and the knowledge to do the job right the first time. Nothing is more annoying than have a handyman come out and do a half-baked job.

We are professionals and highly skilled craftsmen. So if you would like the job done right the first time and at unbeatable prices, then we are the professional team you want to call on 239-249-5290. You can also get FREE no-obligation estimate online. You will not be disappointed.