Roof Painting Naples, FL

Professional & Affordable Roof Painting in SWF

That’s right. You can paint your roof! Any color you like. How many times have you seen a neighbor get their roof replaced after only a few years? All because the color has faded, and their roof looks dull and dingy. We see it happen all the time. Unscrupulous sales people will tell a homeowner that they need a new tile roof when in actuality there is nothing wrong with their roof except that the color has faded under years of Florida sunshine. This doesn’t have to be your experience if you call on Conroy Property Services. We have been painting roofs here in Southwest Florida, for over thirty years, our customers love it!

Steps We Take To Make Your Roof Beautiful Again

  • We will come out at no charge and give you a complete home estimate for your roof painting
  • Your roof will then be cleaned with our exclusive No Pressure cleaning system
  • We will repair any loose or broken tiles.
  • Replace any caulking and cement holding tiles in place. We will thoroughly prepare your roof for its beauty treatment
  • Your roof is then custom painted with TWO coats of commercial grade roofing stain in the color of your choice.
  • That’s right, any color you want. We can custom match any color no matter what you choose

We Also Paint Metal Roofs

Using environmental friendly paints that are made to exacting standards, our paints are non-toxic and will leave your metal roof looking beautiful for years to come. Our paints are manufactured exclusively for the harsh Florida sun, the wind, and rain. And it will also prevent discoloring. This will ensure that your roof and home will be protected from this elements for years to come.

In addition, a new coat of painting will extend the lifespan of your roof. It will also have the effect of a more contemporary looking home, and look a lot newer. Having a brand new looking roof will greatly increase the value of your home and increase its street appeal. And as with the tile roofs, we can match the color of your existing roof or you are free to choose from a brand new palette that will please your discriminating eye.

The Benefits Of A Fresh Coat Of Paint

  • It’s quick, simple to apply and affordable
  • Only the highest quality of paints that will endure for many years to come
  • Our paints are quick drying
  • Increases the resale value of your home
  • Protect your home from the occasional Florida hail storm
  • Fire resistant properties
  • Energy savings

Our Promise To You

After your TWO coats are applied, you have a beautiful brand new looking roof and you have just saved thousands of dollars! And our Roof Painting System is guaranteed not to fade, discolor, chip, crack or peel for seven years! No one matches that guarantee. No one. We can make this promise because we do a very thorough preparation and use only the finest roof paint available today.

So before you spends tens of thousands of dollars replacing a roof that is just dull or dingy, give us a call. Our highly trained specialists will come out and evaluate your roofing needs. If you decide to use our services we assure you will get a roof you that will be the envy of the neighborhood and save you a substantial amount of money. Call us now @ (239) 249-5290 or request FREE online estimate and get your roof looking new again.